how expensive are grand pianos!
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When most people think of a piano in a home, usually they are interested in getting grand pianos rather than other pianos for sale, due to lot if benefits and features they have when compared to others. Grand Pianos are categorized by horizontal soundboards sometimes stretching up to 4 ft, and come in lot of types with different price ranges.

To have a clear picture of the types of grand pianos and prices, here, some are added for you:

How expensive are Grand Pianos?

Baby Grand

Very popular type because of its sound quality and its availability in different price ranges. Baby grand pianos are too large for the average household however due to heir large music board and elegant look, they are preferred over other. These pianos price range varies usually from £1000 to £5000.

Concert grand

If you are interested in getting largest of pianos available in the market, this is one for you, however it comes in higher prices and with good sound quality. This requires bigger space than other grand pianos and price range varies from £2500 to £8000. These pianos for sale are suitable for large rooms in a home and for concerts and musical halls.

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